Bentley unveils new Flying B for all new Flying Spur


Bentley has revealed an all-new version of its iconic ‘Flying B’ logo for the latest Flying Spur Mulliner. The brand says that 97 percent of all Flying Spur orders included a ‘Flying B’.

The Flying B has a fair bit of history going behind it. Earlier Bentleys like the EXP2 didn’t have the iconic emblem but it was around the mid-1920s when customer demand led to the Crewe-based automaker to put the upright brass “B” on its car’s bonnets.

The all-new Flying Spur features the sixth generation of the iconic Flying B which was made by Hoe Young Hwang and selected unanimously by the Bentley Board out of the other designs presented by the shortlisted candidates at the Crewe factory.

A very special thing about the Flying B of the Flying Spur Mulliner is that it's the first one to be deployed electronically, feature clear acrylic wings and the first to be internally illuminated.

Bentley says that it takes 11 weeks to build the bonnet mascot after which it is ready for assembly of the crystal acrylic wings, wiring and tiny LEDs. Exquisite. 


bentley and mulliner

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