Dubai Municipality begins issuing fines for unclean vehicles

Dirty Car Dubai

In a bid to maintain the image of the lavish metropolis that Dubai has garnered, Dubai Municipality has begun issuing AED500 fines to motorists who do not keep their vehicles clean. In a recent statement, Dubai Municipality said that motorists who do not wash their vehicles and keep them in a presentable condition, tarnish the aesthetic appearance of the city and risk being fined for doing so.

The first step in this process will include identifying whether a vehicle meets the conditions and a violation notice will be issued with a warning sticker on the glass. Following this, drivers will have 15 days to clean their vehicle, within which if they do not comply, the vehicle will be confiscated and moved to the scrap yard. If drivers still refuse to comply and pay fines, then the vehicle will be sold at an auction.

Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie, Director of Dubai Municipality’s waste management department, said: “When we talk about dirty cars, it is important to note that the warning does not extend to vehicles with light dirt around the tires and some sand or dust around the body. Authorities target vehicles that have been unwashed for months at an end, with the vehicle’s color being under question.”

Following in the footsteps of the Capital, Abu Dhabi has issued as many as 1,073 fines and warning to motorists pertaining to the cleanliness of the vehicles in the first five months of 2018. Abu Dhabi City Municipality imposed the fines across all residential and commercial areas and urged motorists to regularly wash their vehicles.

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