Google Maps Now Displays EV Charging Stations Across the Country

Tesla Model X

Despite several online and offline maps being available to download, Google Maps tend to be the favorite among us all, right? In addition to our favorite restaurants, top-rated attractions and nearest hospitals, it shows us a wealth of information that we use daily. Adding to its long list of functionalities, Google Maps now displays EV charging stations across the country.

For those of you who own an Electric Vehicle or have ever been tasked with charging one, you’ll probably understand the struggle with finding a public, working, vacant charger that suits your vehicle. A vacant Tesla charger isn’t much use to a non-Tesla owner (something I’ve had to learn the hard way). Thankfully, Google Maps is here to the rescue and to take away a significant portion of users from third-party apps such as PlugShare.

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In addition to pinpointing the location of EV chargers near you, Google Maps also allows you to add the type of plug your vehicle uses (Supercharger, Type 2, CCS/SAE, CHAdeMO, etc) so that you can automatically filter charging stations near you. As per a few reports online, users claim Google Maps can also inform you if the charger is currently vacant or occupied.

Google Maps

Considering almost all automakers are moving towards electric vehicles and smarter mobility, the timing of this update couldn’t be any better. In fact, with the upcoming EVRT Dubai an electric vehicle road trip that spans 5 days and over 1,000 kilometers across the country, I’m sure a lot of drivers will be replying on it.

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