Partnership between Allison transmission and Dotto Trains reaches new heights


Today, there is a vast variety of locomotive solutions available globally for even the most infinitesimal purpose. Digressing from heavy-weight trucks, rails and buses to bantamweight chassis cabs, carts and small rail offerings, almost every kind of mobility has been facilitated in even the remotest of locations. While these solutions have their quirks, one thing is common which is indispensable for every ilk, that is the convenience of a slick-shifting and reliable transmission to make sure the progress is effortless and not vapid in times where pace has to be built in fast progression. 

Allison Transmission, a leader in developing conventional and electric vehicle solutions and the largest manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty automatic transmissions is known for supplying ratchets for different machines based on their weight and proportions to companies such as Mercedes-Benz clinches its partnership with Dotto trains to build automatic transmissions leveraging their train’s propulsion. Its expertise in developing automatic transmissions for commercial and defense purposes will be used in contriving one for Dotto’s latest instalment, “Big Boy.” This comes post the commencement of their partnership in 2012 when the Italian marque devised an automatic transmission for its iconic tourist train model, the Muson River 2X4. This train has been the hackney carriage to ferry several people in theme parks, tourist resorts and holiday villages globally. 

Ivo Dotto wanted to spun his vision of transforming this idea into a resourceful transportation network which every city could take advantage of. The company is still a family-owned business based in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) and disperses trains everywhere on rails for adventure and theme parks and without for people dwelling in the urban jungle. 

It is said that contracts to develop around 40 to 50 trains are inked each year and sanctioned to them. They have been able to conquer this feat thanks to the high dependability quotient of their trains which they firmly abide by. Moreover, the trains are fully bespoke made to the customer’s requirements. A fabled invention in the recent times is a “supertrain” built exclusively for the fast-evolving Dubai city which comes with amenities such as air conditioning and majestic carriages having lots of space. 

Following the lifting of the Government embargo in 2007, their presence is marked by 70% in Europe and 30% in other areas of the world. The Big Boy train is a trusted companion of the municipality of Tarquinia in Central Italy and produces a vehement output of 158 hp at 2,500 rpm and 580 Nm of twisting force thanks to the massive 4,500 cc engine. These figures are seamlessly transmitted to the wheels via Allison’s commendable 5-speed automatic gearbox. Such numbers allow three wagons to carry 20 people each and a combined 12-ton of cargo to haul. 

"The comfort that an automatic transmission is able to offer passengers also contributed to Dotto's decision," said Fausto Rebuffoni, CEO of Ofira Italiana, Allison's Italian distributor. "With an Allison there are no slowdowns and jolts typical of gear changes with a manual transmission, especially on urban journeys."

"We also wish drivers to be comfortable, and the automatic transmission first and foremost has the ability to give smoothness, driveability and ease of use on these rough routes, with high gradients. The Allison handles these situations best," said Carraro, CEO of Dotto Trains.

"Today, many Italian towns and cities are finally realizing the usefulness of these means of transport. The train can be used for tourist activities, and has a different appeal compared to a coach," said Roberta Santi, Sabrina Carraro's daughter and the company's marketing manager. "In addition, the train's technical features are useful in historic cities and thanks to a powerful engine and fully automatic transmissions, you can go on more or less impervious routes and on porphyry cobbles without difficulties."


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