Peugeot joins forces with Taaleem to promote road safety in the UAE

Peugeot Taaleem Road Safety Buckle Up!

French automotive manufacturer PEUGEOT and local education provider Taaleem, have partnered together to create a children’s book titled Buckle Up! to promote road safety for school children in the UAE. The book highlights five road safety tips in an engaging and fun illustration to help teach children safe behavior on the road in an easy-to-understand manner.

Rakesh Nair, Managing Director for European Brands at Stellantis ME, said: “At PEUGEOT, we believe it’s never too early to learn about safety on the road. We are delighted to unveil the Buckle Up! story in collaboration with our partner Taaleem who enabled us to reach thousands of students and families with the Road Safety message across their schools.”

Created by local talents, author Ayah Halawany and illustrator Aman Darwish, the book follows the story of two children, Sarah and Adam, as they embark on an adventure through mountains, across rivers, and past shimmery lakes. On their journey they provide readers with tips on responsible driving including buckling up, not using phones while driving, and many more, all in a fun and interactive manner for the entire family to enjoy.

The book is available in English, Arabic, and French and can be downloaded through the Peugeot Webstore.


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