Road Test: Land Rover LR4



Land Rover’s new LR4 Pursuit is a limited-edition model that is very powerful on the road and can tackle the dunes in style.




The HSE VB Limited Edition LR4 Pursuit is a dream to drive off road and it could easily race up the dunes without the need to deflate tires and the ROM kept above 3,000. We drove it on the Big Red in Dubai and found the desert drive an absolute pleasure. 

This Land Rover has the perfect suspension for off-roading and it makes light work out of bashing those dunes, but if the 230,000 AED price tag puts you off driving it in the desert, you will find it’s the ideal off-road vehicle for on-the-road driving too.

The LR4 Pursuit can handle the roads perfectly and its powerful engine gives it impressive overtaking power. If you are stuck on a two-lane road with a large truck in front of you, you should have no trouble zipping past the truck and overtaking it with swiftness and ease. Many other off-road vehicles don’t allow this, so it is an excellent capability to have. Some liken the drive to a Discovery and the similar hint of a body roll but with that zippy drive you hardly notice it on long range excursions. 

However, if you do want to go off-road, the Pursuit’s clever accessories make it ideal for even the most testing of deserts. It has strong lamp guards at the front and rear and a solid underbody protection, so this model can take a lot of intensive driving. This Land Rover performs brilliantly in all terrains and is very versatile.

Since it was first launched in 2009, the LR4 range has won 36 awards and its 5.0 LR-V8 engine has excellent power that makes it one of the best SUV vehicles available. 


Interior and Comfort



Typical Jaguar Land Rover signature interiors mark this cruiser's strong suit, giving tough competition in the luxury off-roader segment.

It features 19-inch and 20-inch alloy wheels and a Premium Harmon LOGIC 7 system with 17 speakers. 

The Pursuit’s sound system also provides more power and listening pleasure than ever before and it can be controlled by touchscreen. This allows the driver to easily switch between songs and you can move between as many as 10 stored albums with the Virtual CD Autochanger.

Passengers in the back can enjoy the Rear Seat Entrainment thanks to the WhiteFireTM wireless technology, which allows DVDs to be watched from the comfort of the back seat. This DVD system can also be connected to games consoles and it can play MP4 files that are stored neatly on a USB stick.

The Terrain ResponseTM system has been improved too, so it is now very easy for a driver to pull away from a standstill whilst on a steep hill thanks to the Hill Start Assist feature. The Gradient Acceleration Control also offers the driver fantastic control and support.

Despite being incredibly powerful, the LR-V8 is environmentally friendly and it has low CO2 emissions of just 328g/km and produces 375PS and 510Nm torque.

The LR4 Pursuit combines the best of all worlds with its eco features, stylish design and amazing technology. 

It also has an excellent navigation system and multiple off-road modes, such as sand, snow and mud, so it can handle the road perfectly in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. 



If you're looking for a powerful, comfortable and luxurious car with the class of Jaguar Land Rover, then this is the ideal vehicle for you. 


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