The Points to Consider While Going Through New Car Reviews in Dubai


Some people opine that going through customer testimonials is an ideal way of purchasing a product, especially one that involves a gargantuan investment and if it goes wrong, being a victim of malapropism is the last thing one would want to withstand by family members and ultimately, it would be an incorrigible mistake. 

However, finding real-life customer testimonies for each product is pragmatically not practicable. To find a solution to this conundrum, came reviews which were written or recorded words of experts proficient in the particular segment which a product pertains to where they educate readers and viewers about its features, utility, added bonuses, price, competency and value for money aspects leading them to curate a perception about the tangible item and guiding their purchase decision.

This has for long, become a global trend and there are several written and video media via which these can be relished. However, excessive infiltration of such platforms where new car reviews exist also makes one wary of the legitimacy of the source and would rummage to first validate it before associating a degree of allegiance. Hence, there are certain key points to consider while going through each review.


  • Compare the source with the foremost result displayed on Google

Website owners today use SEO and other techniques so that the forum or portal is featured prior to other websites on Google and other search engines. This allows them to garner enhanced traffic when contrasted with other information providers. It is also believed that the primary search results are more genuine compared to others. In situations when the maiden search result isn’t tapped, it would be beneficial comparing the source to it so that any dubiousness can be allayed.



  • Go through multiple reviews of the same car

Just typing the car and the region’s name will untie several new car reviews in Dubai of the product and similar reviews comparing the car against its contemporaries. To make sure that a perfect all-pervasive idea about the product is obtained which wouldn’t be incorrect, browse through several reviews of the car and if possible, try finding comparison tests and comprehensive analysis where an exact picture is painted of what it is like to have that car as a daily companion. 



  • Ensure the review hasn’t reached senescence

While most reviews elicit almost everything that one can’t be oblivious to, it’s recommended to skimp on those which are very old as in the automotive industry, things change frequently where mid-cycle nips and tucks are given to vehicles involving cosmetic, mechanical and gismo accentuations. Therefore, an obsolete review won’t be useful as it would miss out on these things.



  • Avoid reviews from prejudiced or paid experts

This is where your cognizance and knowledge come into play. There will be some facts which might be known to you about the car because of primary research that you might have committed earlier. However, if a statement or more are controversial with that, it is best to ignore the review as there could be many such false and hideous statements written in the review which might flummox one. However, knowing genuine sources is a tact and one has to be cautious while recognising any hoaxes and fake reviews.


  • Keep a ‘give me everything’ approach

Incomplete reviews do not aid in being the mentor to direct one to make his purchase decision. Hence, surfing through other websites to fathom what aspects are generally covered or preparing a checklist of your priorities that you seek from the review are strongly recommended. Aspects such as design functionality, interior facts and features, performance, space and reliability are fundamental topics that should always be incorporated. This will abate some nasty stupendous occurrences in future. 



  • Old is gold

Even today, a significant proportion believes in and trusts sources which are older than others as their age is a testament to transparency through which they spew information. Though that notion is changing rapidly with the youth being agile in taking up to new things, most still hanker for these tried and tested mediums. The advantage they offer is that people seldom repent their decisions after consulting these forums.



  • Have a glimpse of the audience’s comments

In case you’re in a catch-22 not being able to trust the reviewer or have inkling that the information isn’t precise, have a glance at the comments section which websites generally provide for all new car reviews in 2022 and even the older ones to understand the audience’s insights and feedback. If their responses are positive, it is safe to follow the website.


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