Top 3 Budget Sedans in the UAE

Budget Sedans in the UAE

There’s a broad range of sedans with a price tag of under AED 100,000. With such a price range, you can choose a subcompact sedan or a mid-range sedan. Depending on where the sedan comes from, you can even get a luxury sedan for this price range. Below are three of the top sedans under AED 100,000, and they range from practical subcompact cars to elegant yet affordable options.

Luxgen S5

Luxgen S5 2018

True to its name, the Luxgen S5 is nothing short of a luxurious masterpiece. With dimensions of 4.65 meters (length) x 1.80 meters (width) x 1.49 meters (height), the luxury sedan sports a refined appearance that would surely turn heads to its direction.

Its stately exterior is only matched by its luxurious interiors. The Luxgen S5 can hold a candle to rivals in its class. With a 6-speed transmission and front-wheel drive layout, this compact sedan can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds.

Engine: 2.0L / 4-cylinder

Power: 170 HP / 255 NM

Top Speed: 210 Km/h

Price: AED 83,000

Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy 2018

The Subaru Legacy has a quirky and luxurious appearance at the same time. The unique colors the model offers to customers is what makes this 4-door sedan popular, aside from it being a 4-wheel drive vehicle – a rarity in its class.

If you want a sturdy car that can traverse through most terrains, but does not have the bulky appearance of pickup trucks, this car is a must. This car is also useful when you’re caught in a storm, as it features excellent outward visibility.

Engine: 2.5L / 4-cylinder

Power: 260 HP / 235 NM

Top Speed: 250 Km/h

Price: AED 91,000

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo 2018

Don’t be fooled with the Volkswagen Polo’s exterior. There’s a lot going on beyond its simple, streamlined interiors. The car is one of the most popular city cars, not only because of its relatively affordable price tag. With its front-wheel drive set up, the car can accelerate to 100 km/h in only 12.1 seconds.

Engine: 1.6L / 4-cylinder

Power: 105 HP / 153 NM

Top Speed: 185 Km/h

Price: AED 56,000


The pick of this litter is the Subaru Legacy. Its appearance boasts of a lot more than sophistication. This All-Wheel-Drive vehicle can help you reach your destination regardless of the terrain, and it has an affordable price tag despite the multitude of features.

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Top 3 Budget Sedans in the UAE
Top 3 Budget Sedans in the UAE
Top 3 Budget Sedans in the UAE
Top 3 Budget Sedans in the UAE

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