Jetour Brand Launched in Bahrain

Motorcity, the distributor of world-renowned vehicles in Bahrain has welcomed Jetour, a new game-changing brand to its growing portfolio of global automotive vehicles.


Jetour is part of a globalized automobile group based in China with over 20 years of formidable experience in automotive engineering. The association boasts an array of self-owned and joint-venture brands with its independent subsidiaries focusing on vehicle segments in the market. The group made its mark in the business in terms of evolving the technological aspect of its vehicles and dedicating itself to capitalizing on these advanced technological options and maintaining the affordability of its products.


Jetour Bahrain will be initially launched with three new models; the X70, the X70S, and the flagship X90 at the Motorcity showroom in Sitra. The latest range was created with a young audience in mind, who appreciate premium quality, significant technological features, and overall affordability.

The Jetour 70 range (X70 & X70S) in accordance with the characteristics of Jetour products like good looks and large space has a timeless design and multi-functional features. It consists of a 6-speed DCT automatic gearbox that intelligently switches gears. The multi-gear technology matches the engine speed and a smooth shift that provides stable driving control. The 7-seater is the dream vehicle for families that are frequent travelers and campers. Jetour is a vehicle for those who wish to turn an ordinary weekend into a mini holiday drive.


Motorcity Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Brightmore welcomed the brand to Bahrain, anticipating good things in its future, “Motorcity has always strived to introduce the best quality, reliable and affordable vehicle brands to the Bahraini market. Jetour was created by a strong group with over 20 years of market leadership and a dynamic product team behind its beautiful cars. We recognize Jetour’s importance in the growing affordable SUV and Crossover segment and anticipate the people of Bahrain to enjoy the new range.”


The Middle East has always been a market of strategic importance to Chinese brands that have kept expanding their market shares in this region in recent years. The successful launch of the Jetour brand in Saudi Arabia is of great significance to the further establishment of the Jetour presence in Bahrain and the Middle East.


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