Car Definitions

What does Soft-closing Doors mean?

Doors that utilize a suction mechanism to shut properly in case they are not latched by occupants.

What does Performance Tyres mean?

Tires that are dedicated to high-speed driving are known as performance tires. They tend to have a shallower tread pattern than standard road tires to reduce rolling resistance while providing maximum grip.

What does Tiptronic Gears mean?

A tiptronic transmission is an automatic gearbox with the ability to change gears manually. It is particularly useful when climbing steep hills or when overtaking on the highway.

What does Automatic Headlights mean?

A feature that automatically turns on the headlights and taillights when the ambient light dims at sunset or when entering areas such as tunnels and covered parking lots.

What does Hill Assist mean?

A feature usually found in manual transmission vehicles that holds the brake until the clutch is engaged to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on a hill or ramp.