Car Definitions

What does Heated Seats mean?

Seats that are fitted with a heating system are referred to as "heated seats". They operate by directing warm air through the fabric of the seat and greatly increase comfort for drivers and occupants in cold climates.

What does Alloy Rims mean?

Wheels that are made from a mixture of metals, usually aluminium or magnesium, are called alloy wheels/rims. While they tend to provide a big weight saving over traditional steel rims, they tend not to be as durable.

What does AWD (All Wheel Drive) mean?

A drivetrain that utilizes a front, rear and center differential to provide power to all four wheels of a vehicle.

What does HUD (Heads-Up Display) mean?

A digital display projected from the vehicle's dashboard onto the windshield to provide necessary information such as speed within the driver's line of sight.

What does Anti theft alarm mean?

An anti-theft alarm is a device that prevents unauthorized entry into a vehicle through sounding an alarm if the vehicle detects any tampering or change in location when parked.