Parking tests in the UAE become fully automated

RTA Smart Yard Test

Drivers learning to get their licenses in the UAE will now be using Smart Vehicles to conduct their yard/internal tests for more accurate and unbiased results. For an individual to obtain a driver’s license in the UAE, they must partake in three tests: a theoretical test, yard test, and road test.

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The yard test, which is now a completely automated process, judges an individual’s skills in parallel, side, garage parking, and sudden braking through several cameras and sensors installed in the Smart Vehicles. The new system reduces the error margin in taking the ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ decision and greatly improves safety.

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The yard is fitted with five surveillance cameras – four outside the testing vehicle to guide the examinee and one on board to verify the individual’s identity. The system has already been applied to 15 testing yards in Dubai and over 108,603 applicants have taken the Smart Yard Test since its inception.


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