The Difference Between On Road and Off Road Tires

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For most people, picking a tire is an easy decision. If you only drive on paved roads and in cities, then you simply buy a standard set of tires for your vehicle. But what if you live in a place like Dubai, where you might be required to drive on paved roads, and then in desert? What type of tires should you buy? In this article we will talk about the differences between off-road and on-road tires, their respective performance, and their different attributes.

On Road Tire

On-road tires are used on highways and paved roads. As such it provides a smooth ride over sharp impacts and bumps and provides good traction over roads that have become wet due to rain or fog. It gives a quiet ride since it produces only moderate tread noise. They use independent tread blocks in their design to give them traction even during inclement weather conditions. Highway tires are also resistant to cupping, or an uneven wear pattern on the surface of the tread, which can make the tire feel unbalanced while driving. They have better fuel efficiency than off-road tires. 

Off-road tires, also known as all-terrain tires, are those that can handle various types of rough terrain, including rocky roads, loose sand and dirt, and mud. They feature an open-tread design that gives greater traction when driving off-road as well as on paved surfaces. Their disadvantages are that they are susceptible to cupping and have a shorter tread life since they are made with softer rubber.

Off Road Tire

Overall, on-road tires provide better performance when driving over city roads. However, if you typically find yourself having to face more difficult driving conditions, then you may want the versatility that an off-road tire will give you, even if you have to make a trade-off in the form of increased tread noise and less traction on wet surfaces. Not to mention greater road noise seeping into the cabin.

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